Thank You Jesus Sign

(336 customer reviews)


Over 131,000 Yard Signs planted since February 2016!

Coroplast 4mm, 18 x 24 double sided (includes stake)


336 reviews for Thank You Jesus Sign

  1. April (verified owner)

    The BEST creation ever besides His son Jesus! Thank you )

  2. Darrin ervin

    Thank you Jesus for saving me I have been so blessed

  3. Larry & Pat Downing

    Saw this sign while traveling back to our home in NC. Loved it as people sharing their faith to millions just as people drive by their home. We just got ours and put it immediately out in our front yard. As pastors, we are always looking for ways to spread His name.

  4. Susan Murray Alcantar

    Jesus has blessed me in so many ways. It would take to long to type then. Just know that I am very Thankful For Jesus!! ❤

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Weight .92 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 20 × .16 in