Thank You Jesus Sign

(336 customer reviews)


Over 131,000 Yard Signs planted since February 2016!

Coroplast 4mm, 18 x 24 double sided (includes stake)


336 reviews for Thank You Jesus Sign

  1. Sammy Hancock

    Saw a sign in Holden Beach today as well as one south of Candor, NC!!!

  2. Coleen Windom

    I already have my sign and sold 5 more for you that i have to pick up tomorrow night but would love to meet Lucas

  3. Kimberly Hollingsworth (verified owner)

    I love coming home from 3rd shift when the sun is coming up and seeing the ” Thank You Jesus” signs all along the road I live on.. Makes my soul smile. Had to have mine

  4. Ellsworth Hertzog

    I am a saved child of God since October 2, 1988. I am battling cancer with the strength of my Lord Jesus Christ. It is so rough to go thru. My Lord is with me. My church home is, Pleasant Grove Christian Church, Bennett, N.C, Our pastor is Don Edwards. The signs our covering Seagrove and beyond. I go to Pinehurst, N.C for my chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatment. And Thank Jesus every time I see a sign, and for giving me and my family strength to fight this battle of cancer I am going thru. God bless you for listening to the Lord.

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